Gehna Puroh | Tuesday | 10AM | 1 Sessions

Biscoff Cake and Homemade Speculoos Sauce Workshop

Dhs. 321.30

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Indulge your taste buds in a delightful journey as we dive into the world of Biscoff, the beloved spiced cookie spread that has captured the hearts of dessert enthusiasts worldwide. In this hands-on workshop, participants will not only savor the rich flavors of a moist and tender Biscoff cake but also master the art of crafting a Homemade Speculoos Sauce to elevate their dessert game.

 What to expect from this workshop:

  • Uncover the secrets behind the 2-step mixing method, exploring the science that results in the perfect texture and flavor of Biscoff cake.
  • Understand why this method is a game-changer in achieving the ideal balance of moisture and tenderness in your Biscoff creations.
  • Learn the step-by-step process of crafting a Biscoff cake from scratch, ensuring it's a masterpiece of flavor and texture.
  • Discover the joy of whipping up a luscious Homemade Speculoos Sauce that complements the cake perfectly.
  • Master the creation of the Speculoos spice mix, the secret ingredient that adds that unmistakable Biscoff charm to your creations.
  • Explore various ways to showcase your Biscoff masterpiece.

    Class language: English & Arabic

    Minimum age allowed:  13 yrs.

    Studio location: Bahrain City Center, Bahrain

    About the instructor Gehna Puroh:
    Gehna Puroh is a seasoned Pastry Chef with more than a decade of experience. Her culinary journey has led her to excel in various roles, including Chocolatier, Cake Artist, Recipe Developer, Menu Consultant, and Trainer. Gehna's recipes and classes are a testament to her unwavering belief that baking is a harmonious blend of art and science.

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