Hina Shaheen | Sunday | 3PM | 1 Session

Brownies & Hazel Nut Cookies Workshop

Dhs. 315

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Welcome to our Kids Baking Workshop, where your little ones will get a chance to explore their creativity and baking skills by making delicious Brownies and Hazel Nut Cookies from scratch. Our expert baker will guide them through the process, providing helpful tips and techniques to make sure they come out with the perfect treats. This workshop is designed to be fun and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for your kids to express their creativity and have a great time while learning a valuable skill.

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Learn how to make these delicious treats from scratch, starting with the basic ingredients and mixing them to create a perfect batter.
  • Our expert baker will guide your kids through the entire baking process, from measuring the ingredients to mixing and baking.
  • Tips and tricks for baking, including how to measure ingredients accurately, how to mix the batter properly, and how to bake the perfect brownies and cookies.
  • Take your goodies home with you.

Class language: English & Arabic

Minimum age allowed: 8 yrs

    Studio location: Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi

    About the instructor Hina Shaheen:
    Hina is a Certified Wilton Instructor and has attended several cake decorating workshops with leading cake artists around the world. She has been passionately baking and decorating cakes over the last 10 years. Hina loves to create innovative cake designs, and she also likes to try different techniques and master them so she can teach them to others. She is our Wilton Method Instructor at Abu Dhabi studios.

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