Hina Shaheen | Wednesday | 4PM | 1 Session

Chocolate Swiss Roll & Custard Tart

Dhs. 315

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This workshop is a haven for chocolate enthusiasts and dessert lovers looking to expand their culinary repertoire or seeking to refine their skills. It offers a hands-on experience that guarantees delectable results when preparing the Chocolate Swiss Roll and the classic Custard Tart from scratch.

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Learn the precise techniques for achieving the perfect sponge, the velvety chocolate filling, and the elegant roll that defines the chocolate Swiss roll.
  • Master the delicate custard filling and achieve the ideal golden-brown crust for the custard tart.
  • Gain invaluable insights from our expert baker, who will be your guide throughout the workshop.
  • Learn baking tips, tricks, and techniques that will elevate your skills in the kitchen and empower you to recreate these stunning desserts with confidence.
  • Take home your freshly baked delicious goodies.

Workshop language: English & Arabic

Minimum age allowed: 15 yrs

Studio location: Abu Dhabi Mall, Abu Dhabi

About the instructor Hina Shaheen:
Hina is a Certified Wilton Instructor and has attended several cake decorating workshops with leading cake artists around the world. She has been passionately baking and decorating cakes over the last 10 years. Hina loves to create innovative cake designs, and she also likes to try different techniques and master them so she can teach them to others. She is our Wilton Method Instructor at Abu Dhabi studios.

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