Maira Kanai | Tuesday | 1PM | 1 Session

Coffee French Press & V60 Workshop

Dhs. 100

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Learn all the tips and tricks of how to use French Press & V60 and become a coffee expert yourself. 

What to expect from this workshop:

  • Brewing a variety of coffee in each for you to taste differences and understand your own palette.
  • Coffee will be tasted in its purest form (black only).

Workshop language: English

Minimum age allowed: 18 yrs

Studio location: Mirdif City Center, Dubai

About the instructor Maira Kanai:
Maira is certified with the Specialty Coffee Association in Sensory Skills, Brewing, and Barista. She joined Tavola as our Coffee Specialist in 2017. The ultimate coffee geek, she has extensive knowledge of all our coffee-related products. Her enthusiastic energy make her classes a fun and enriching experience.

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